rotary transformer

rotary transformer

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  • Rotary transformer — A rotary (rotatory) transformer is a specialized transformer used to couple electrical signals between two parts which rotate in relation to each other.Slip rings could be used for the same purpose, but these would be subject to friction, wear,… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotary variable differential transformer — A rotary variable differential transformer (RVDT) is a type of electrical transformer used for measuring angular displacement.More precisely, a Rotary Variable Differential Transformer (RVDT) is an electromechanical transducer that provides a… …   Wikipedia

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  • Rotary encoder — A rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro mechanical device used to convert the angular position of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital code, making it an angle transducer. These devices are used in industrial controls,… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotary Variable Differential Transformer — Un RVDT (de l anglais Rotary Variable Differential Transformer) est un capteur électrique actif (inductif) de déplacements de rotation. Le débattement est en général limité jusqu à +/ 40°. Principe Un RVDT est composé le plus souvent d un paquet… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Tap (transformer) — This article is about tappings in transformers. For other uses, see Tap. A transformer tap is a connection point along a transformer winding that allows a certain number of turns to be selected. This means, a transformer with a variable turns… …   Wikipedia

  • Commutator (electric) — This article is about the electrical component. For mathematical concept, see Commutator . A tiny 5 segment commutator less than 2 mm in diameter, on a direct current motor in a toy radio control ZipZaps car. A commutator is a rotary electri …   Wikipedia

  • вращающийся трансформатор — Информационная электрическая машина, амплитуда выходного напряжения которой является функцией входного напряжения и углового положения ротора. [ГОСТ 27471 87] вращающийся трансформатор [Лугинский Я. Н. и др. Англо русский словарь по… …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • Helical scan — is a method of recording high bandwidth signals onto magnetic tape. It is used in video tape recorders, video cassette recorders, digital audio tape recorders, and some computer tape drives. Comparison to linear tape recording In a fixed head… …   Wikipedia

  • Torque sensor — A torque sensor or torque transducer is a device for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system, such as an engine crankshaft or a bicycle crank. Static torque is relatively easy to measure. Dynamic torque, on the other hand, is not… …   Wikipedia

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